In Loving Memory of my Son, best Friend, Family member and Angel ~my better half 1996 - 2015
Died 13 November 2015, burried 16 November along with a piece of my soul

Don is burried in my mothers garden, on the grave a rosemary bush. Rosemary (improves memory) has long been celebrated as the herb of remembrance, even in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “there’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. The roots wil find a way in the soil and become one with Don. And when I move, I will take the bush with me and plant it in my own garden. That way Don will always be with me. 


2015 ~ God bless, seven months I could still enjoy his company.

Christmas card 2015.. announced his departure and introduced Mika. Yes, I did have a pagan tree in the past. Because children like it 


We shared a pillow for many, many, many many years. 




3 april 2015 a scan was made and seen that he has a tumor in his head that has eaten away half his nose. With love and prayer he had a spirit watching over him and we were given seven more months to love each other. He had to go in November 2015. I added the name Don when he reached the respectable age of 18. And now I will remember him as Saint Poekie, cause he did no animal harm. He was a good guy with a big heart.
My friend, my soul, for 19, almost 20 years. My love, my baby, my comfort. I never pictured a future without him, I thought he'd live forever. 
His departure has blast away a hole in my heart so big. In my darkest moments, in my loneliest moments, I had his paws in my hands.




Our last hours together. Merely one hour after I took these pictures his nose started to bleed and his breathing became very difficult. I came on time at the vet, we still had our moments until it was enough and even he gave signs that he wanted to retreat. His suffering was ended with a deep sleep in my arms, on my chest.


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