Don Poek, St. Poekie ~ my son and best friend for many years                          Tiger and Panthro, childhood cats. Always brought me gifts in the middle of the night

Had a deja vu moment earlier this year (2015) and found out quickly why.. Don Poek is like our old cat Panthro now, and Michaela the spitting image of the original "Pooky", named Tiger (even with spot on the nose). Pic left: Pathro and Tiger, pic right: Don Poek and Michaela

Many animals have passed the rainbow bridge. These are a few I hold very dear to my heart. 

                                  Jekyll Drakendraeck                                                                                                    Bowie

Jekyll was also mentioned on my sons birthcard. At some point we gave him a better home, a bigger home where he would live with more of his kind.
I hoped he would love it but my gut feeling was right, and he died there. I thought the gut feeling was merely me going to miss him, and now I think he missed us too.

Bowie was a sweet bunny from my mum that one day disappeared. Someone must have taken him out of the garden cause he would never leave. He was a friendly bunny.



Rooster Max

Max lived in peace on ground where chickens and other animals such as rabbits run lose. The municipality decided one day to exterminate all the animals eventhough they did no harm. Knowing they gass the animals they still continued to lie the animals were taken somewhere else and living a great life. When I asked where I could visit them, no place name could be given of course. So you gass an animal family and say they are better off now. I will remember that.

Max was a friendly rooster with whom I bonded after he was attacked by a dog. We were best mates since then and he always came by to greet, he listened to his name, and one day, to introduce his new family.


Max his daughter, lived about five to seven years after Max, her father was gassed. She too found the same faith. She was a very independent chick, albeit many roosters desired her, she wanted none. One day she adopted a little chick who she nurtured till it got older. 


Two little chickens who were held hostage at a place where I worked. As in all places where I work and they have animals; before I leave, the animals are freed or have a better life. The grey one got sick and died, no needless suffering as I let her put to sleep. The black one I took home and eventually freed so she could spend her short life in freedom among other chickens. I had no names for them, I just called them my children.


The unknown lady. Came ouf of the blue and sat by the door, only to die, as she sat down and closed her eyes. As if she knew it was peaceful to come and die there.
The little wasp. Got used to the little critter. For two weeks he came by every few days, would circle around my head. I would take him to the kitchen and give syrup. 

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